Greatest Telescope in the World!


One of the things we will be doing with this blog is to discuss specific telescopes from time to time. We’re still learning to blog, so please bear with us.

The scope above is the original ETX 90 – The RA or M model.

This scope represents one of the greatest values in used scopes on the market today. You should know that the scope does have its detractors. Some will harp on about its plastic construction, its jerky manual movements and its useless straight through finder. All of these are true! However, if you stick with it; it will provide you with hours of education as well as fun.

I have had the opportunity to use many telescopes in the past. From humble Orion XTs to the splendid Obsessions, from modest apertures to those of 20 inches and up, from manually operated to those wonderful robo-scopes. Without exception, the ETX 90RA is the greatest telescope ever constructed!

I still own one of the original ETX 90RAs and it remains the most used telescope of the equipment I have at my disposal – and this includes one of the 20inch Obsessions with all the trimmings.ย  I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on this over the next few weeks on our page dedicated to the ETX 90RA and would welcome any comments!


16 thoughts on “Greatest Telescope in the World!”

  1. Karen, lol…Its full grown! If it got any bigger it wouldn’t be as cute.

    JJ, its the same size as its mega-buck first cousin and optically its near equal…. and yes, as soon as the girls get out of college I’ll probably get a questar… ๐Ÿ™‚ One semester of tuition or a used Q3….?

  2. I would say a Q3… Kids are in and out of school. Thanks for small miricles.
    Been toying with the Idea o a Q3 but think that I might try a few views through a 125mm first. Gld you love that scope!

  3. JJ, I like the Q3 very much. The views really are a tad better and using it is a dream. Its pricey-ness and hesitant-to-take-it-to-a-public-star-party-ness is what bumped it from my “Best in the world” appellation. There’s an awful lot you can see with 89mm of aperture, contrary to what some of our “aperture snob” sisters and bretheren may say.
    I’ve got an ETX 125 and I think you’ll like it. Mine had a couple of issues that replacing the rj45 connectors on my cable then charging my battery(!) fixed. The views are on par with a good 6 inch dob and the portability is good ( but nowhere as good as the 90 ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Starpeeps,
    Hmmmmm…. The urban part may be a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you can see 84 and 86 you’ve got a chance of seeing 89. I like to get M84 and M86 first ( not that I would get lost in Virgo….) so I know for sure where I am, then place them at the top of the FOV and move east about 1 FOV to M87 ( this is nice and bright… Bright in the ETX90 = bareley discernable smudge with direct vision). Keep going East 1 or 2 more FOV and you’ll find 89…. maybe. FOV estimates are for the wonderful Meade 26MM SP. If you’re using the standard Brandon 16mm in the Q3, you’ll need to skoot a little further down and over… transparency better be in the “incredible” range near the city. Ok. You’ve got me going now. It’s supposed to be clear here tonight. I’ll get up a little early and try it too. Will be putting the turkey on about then anyway!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

    Well, Starpeeps, I’m going to have to wait a few more weeks for Leo to get a little higher above the trees to my East!. I’ll try again then. The clouds didn’t move in till around 4:30.

    I need to clarify comments in the previous post. The star hopping info is referenced for a polar aligned scope. Starpeeps and I use this configuration and if you’re using an alt/az arrangement you need to reference some charts to make the hop.

    The turkey turned out great thanks to Alton Brown and the Food Network!

    Uh oh, gotta go shopping now.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. We had a great Thanksgiving HOWEVER the rain that came in last night kept me from doing any after Thanksgiving observing. Hey Fred – Buy me a new eyepiece ! I spent all of my $$$ on house improvements! lol

  7. So to keep up the energy here –
    My 5in Refractor is great and the 125 ETX is good but I will have to give it up to the ETX 90. Clear views and great tracking. Meade damn sure don’t make them like that anymore.
    Anyway it make for a great grab and go scope.

  8. Fred, where does an ETX-90EC fit in your ratings of telescopes? Received one from a friend who never used it. It’s probably about 8 or 9 years old and only been set up twice. Came with a Meade Super Plossl 26 mm eyepiece and eight AA batteries! (No AC adapter). The LED actually came on when I flipped the switch.

  9. George, the optics are identical and just in case the go-to does-not, the mount has the same manual functionality as the RA model. Which controller came with it? They all came with a standard controller for basic movement; you could also purchase an Autostar controller for full goto capability. Also, does it have UHTC? It will have a sticker on the underside of the optical tube if it does. I have compared the UHTC and the non-UHTC side by side and there is a noticable difference in the two. The bottom line…. Will you have it at Oak Mountain this weekend?!

  10. Hello new to site. Glad everyone thinks like I do about the ETX 90 ra. I get to use it before I got to work ( I get up at 3 am )

  11. Now that the site is back up we’ll put some more articles out. I did end up with a Questar but still take the ETX out from time to time. Marvelous little machine. I’ll do some comparisons. Good to hear from you, skatsifos. 3am things are nice and quiet! Fred

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