Home-Made Solar Filters

In the June meeting there was a question about how to make your own solar filters. I have done this in the past using two materials: RG Solar Film from Thousand Oaks, and Baader AstroSolar Safety Film from Baader Planetarium. The RG gives a much more aesthetic yellow color but does not quite have the contrast that I believe results from using the rather starkly white Baader film. Both give good views of sun spots. No. You will not see prominences in white light. Thousand Oaks can be purchased directly from them at http://www.thousandoaksoptical.com/solar.html , and the Baader can be purchased from OPT at http://www.optcorp.com/productList.aspx . The Baader website (http://www.baader-planetarium.com/sofifolie/details_e.htm) and the Thousand Oaks site above, both give instructions on how to assemble the filters.

Remember! You must either filter, completely cover, or remove you finders when observing the sun. Viewing the sun can be done safely, but you’ve got to be continuously conscious of what you’re viewing.

There are also a number of folks who will sell you one of those wonderful glass filters. Of course there’s always the PST from Coronodo and the Lundt line of solar dedicated scopes if you desire Ha(hydrogen alpha, not ha 🙂  ) .


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