Long Time No Blog/Telescope Fever

Well, its time we reactivated the blog!

Been long enough.

I am finally finishing the ETX articles and want to print a small section on the fever that one time or another has infected all of us.

This is the opening paragraphs of reason number nine of why I believe the ETX 90RA the Greatest Telescope on Earth. I think it puts things in perspective. What do you think?

“When someone is considering getting a telescope it is usually the result of Telescope Fever.

Telescope Fever is a malady that has only two known cures: the actual purchase of the equipment, or a sobering review of one’s bank statements. In some instances the bank statement review only delays the onset of equipment purchase. Telescope Fever dulls the senses and causes obsessive fixations on usually a single piece of equipment and two questions:

1. What can I see with it?

2. How much does it cost?

(A variation on number one is: How many bells and whistles does it have?)

The person at this point is totally immersed in telescope review sites and flashy magazine articles – usually ignoring the more negative comments because secretly they have already made up their minds. They might wait for a star party and actually look through one of the scopes they are considering, but this is pretty rare and goes against traditional “telescope fever” protocol.

The telescope is purchased and delivered and only then do the symptoms of “telescope fever” begin to subside. The head clears and additional questions begin to surface:

3. How do I put this thing together ( the instructions are usually lacking in one or more areas)

4. How do I operate this thing once I do put it together?( crew-served telescopes are not unheard of)

5. Where am I going to store this thing? (perhaps a large barn?)

6. How am I going to move this thing to a dark site? ( Check the GCVW specs on your tow vehicle)

7. Where’s the rest of it? (Didn’t all those accessories shown in the magazine come with the base package?)

8. Who can I talk to about all of this? ( The factory?…. the high end scopes usually have great factory support, …the others?)

The answer to question No. 8 usally leads to the answers to the other questions. This is where the vendors and users groups comes in.”

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