Telescopes, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and a Super Moon

Two adorable little girls look at the Super Moon

Mike, Ed, and I met at the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop on Hwy 280 near CR 119 the night of the Super Moon. We set up a couple of scopes, drank some really good coffee, and shared a clear – if bright – sky with about fifty or so folks throughout the evening. Mike had already set up his 8″ Celestron when I arrived at sundown. I set up the Questar 3.5, unfolder a good chair and the two of us walked in the Krispy Kreme to get our first cup of coffee for the evening.

We had a great spot. The shop is about 50 yards off of the main road and there is a sloping grassy area between the parking lot and the traffic. They have one of those 1940’s restored delivery trucks on display with the Krispy Kreme markings and we were right next to it in clear view of the people traveling up and down the main drag. It didn’t take long for folks to startwalking up and asking us if we were there for the “big moon” that had more urban astro gazersbeen talked about on TV for a couple of days.We told them there was more than the moon up that evening and treated them to a storybook thin-crescent Venus, a tiny orange Mars, and the usually stunning Saturn. Most of them had never looked through a telescope and they loved it. I even got a hug from the adorable little girl on the step ladder in the picture. ( Mike was jealous… 🙂 )

We also took in Rasalgethi and Iota Cancri and the folks remarked that they didn’t know stars were different colors.

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