Urban Outreach – Rail Road Park Camp Out Downtown Birmingham

Mike waiting on the sun to go down.

Mike, Charlie, and I were invited to set up an astronomy demonstration at the second annual Rail Road Park Camp Out in Birmingham’s Southside yesterday.

We set up the club’s 20″ Obsession, Mike’s ETX125, Charlie’s Orion GoTo XT14, and my Questar 3.5. The Samford Planetarium was represented and brought their Vixen 85MM refractor and the University’s Questar 3.5.

There was rain earlier that morning but as we began setting up later that afternoon the clouds were thinning and by twilight we had clear skies. Even with the solid Bortle 8 skies the campers were able to see a thin crescent Venus, M42, M93, M3, Jupiter, M44, Castor, and M36. Earlier in the afternoon they was some solar viewing with white light filters but no sunspots showed up.

To cap it off there was a Mag-1.7 Iridium Flare just SE of Procyon a little after 8PM.

Lots of stuff to see regardless of where you are.


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